Friday, 30 August 2013

My internship experience with Templar

My name is Maria Vole and I've been a Sales and Marketing intern with Templar Publishing for the past month. I am currently doing a Masters degree in English Literature at The University of Edinburgh and have recently been thinking about going into publishing when I graduate. I started looking for internships with publishing houses to gain a bit more insight into what the publishing industry is all about and whether it's right for me.  Since I'm especially interested in children's books and young adult fiction I thought interning with Templar would be perfect for me. After sending off my application I was lucky enough to be taken on board as a Sales and Marketing intern for a month.

Today is my last day, and to my surprise a lovely card, bouquet of flowers and chocolates appeared on my desk this morning!

I had a wonderful time during my internship experience. I've learned so much, and have been able to try my hand at so many different things, including sending out books and other materials in the mail, conducting various types of research, doing admin work, developing promotion plans and concepts, writing blog posts, liaising with authors, handling requests for marketing materials, posting on various social media sites to promote Templar's recent releases, writing and designing press releases, attending very informative meetings and corresponding with book bloggers and reviewers. 

I've been able to see and learn so much about the world of children's publishing. Every person I encountered while interning at Templar was kind and helpful, and my every question was answered with patience, despite the fact that my co-workers all had busy schedules and a lot to get through in the day. I’m so grateful for the experience and I think my experience as an intern with Templar Publishing is going to be immensely useful to me in getting a job within the field of publishing later on. 

My time as an intern with Templar was very informative and interesting, and I can definitely recommend undertaking an internship here. 

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