Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Michael Foreman on Gallipoli and The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha

Exactly one hundred years ago, the Gallipoli Campaign was in full swing. Over the past fortnight, dignitaries from around the world gathered in what is now part of Turkey to commemorate this costly battle, that raged from the initial landings on April the 25th to the evacuation of Allied forces in January 1916.

Award-winning author and illustrator Michael Foreman has recounted one of the touching stories of Gallipoli in his book The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha. Henry Friston was a gunner in the Royal Navy involved in the campaign, and in the book Mr Foreman tells his incredible story and how he came to acquire a 'refugee tortoise' which he named Ali Pasha, and who went on to become a local and national celebrity.

Taking ten minutes to talk to us, Mr Foreman talks about the story of Henry and Ali Pasha, why finding the tortoise was important to Henry, and why it is so important to remember Gallipoli today.

The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha is available from all good bookshops, or online here:

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