Tuesday, 20 August 2013

99p Summer Reads - Horsing Around With Jokes!

The newest addition to The Pony Detectives series, Rivalry at Summer Camp, has been published and in celebration we have compiled some silly horse-related jokes and photos for you viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Q: What cheese should you use to hide a horse?
A: Mascarpone

Q. What do you call a horse wearing a stripped jumper?
A:  A zebra!

Q: Why are most horses in shape?

 A: Because they are on a stable diet.

Q: Why did the horse eat with its mouth open?
 A: Because it had bad stable manners

Q: What do you ask a sad horse?
A: "Why the long face?

If you love horses, the newest addition to The Pony Detectives series is the perfect book for you! Rivalry At Summer Camp is a fun, engaging and interesting read that is perfect for the young horse-lover. 

Come down to Blackberry Farm and meet four horse-mad best friends: Rosie,  Alice, Mia and Charlie. The girls stable their ponies at Blackberry Farm’s yard, and spend every moment they have with their ponies and each other. But the foursome aren’t just good at jumping and showing – they’re also great at solving mysteries! 

The Pony Detectives are super-excited to be going to their first pony camp. And they’re even more excited to discover that eventing celebrity Lily Simpson lives near the camp site! When Lily’s competition pony, Foxy, disappears from his field, do other campers know more about the disappearance than they are letting on? The Pony Detectives must leap into action on their first celebrity case.

Simply click on this link if you'd like to read reviews or buy Rivalry at Summer Camp on Amazon: Foxy: Rivalry at Summer Camp on Amazon.co.uk

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