Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Advent Calendar Day One

 It's the festive season, so in the run up to Christmas we, and the other imprints that are part of Kings Road Publishing - Blink, Big Picture Press, Weldon Owen and Studio Press - are having an advent calendar across our social media imprints. With such treats as competitions and giveaways, sneak peaks at upcoming books or exclusive spreads and engaging videos, we hope you'll come back every day to see what goodies are behind the advent doors.

Today we have some of the spreads from Tom Clohosy Cole and Charlie Roscoe's The Red Prince. A fabulous tale of courage and friendship, don't miss Plugging Pictures' review video:

Now take a look at the first four spreads from this wondeful tale below:

Find out what happens next by picking up your copy from your local bookshop or online here:
Amazon, Wordery