Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tara's editorial internship

Tara has been our editorial intern since mid-January. Now in her penultimate week, she shares her thoughts about gaining experience at Templar... 

Nine weeks with the Templar team have flown by. I've been involved with everything from proofreading to herding the editors in their prep for the Bologna Book Fair.

If you're thinking about spending a little time with the Templar team to learn, or brush up on your editorial skills, I'd highly recommend it. The team is absolutely lovely. They'll listen to what you're interested in learning, take the time to answer any questions you have (or go out of their way to explain anything they think it's important you learn) and keep you busy with a full publishing workload! There's no making copious rounds of tea, days of Xeroxing or spending all your time on data entry. You might end up doing a little of this, but more of your time might be spent proofreading, conducting book research, handling AIs and maybe a bit more proofreading ;)

If you're interested in being in publishing, you'll be interested in all the tasks you're assigned. The team makes sure that interns have a valuable experience, and treats them as part of the team. Everyone is incredibly nice, and the company has an incredibly comfortable culture, though everyone is working hard.

And now that I've buttered them up, I'm off to ask if I can do a particular task. Always adding to the CV!

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