Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Guest blogger! Daphne finds herself in Me, Suzy P

Today we'd like to welcome Daphne from Winged Reviews onto our blog!
We asked her which character she is most like in Karen Saunders' Me Suzy P and here is her fab answer!

I was thrilled to be asked to write a guest post on Me, Suzy P on the Templar blog. As I've tweeted before, Templar are my go-to publisher for books that I know are fun, well-written and I'm going to enjoy.

One of the reasons I loved Me, Suzy P by Karen Saunders is that she wrote such heart-warming and realistic characters. I saw a little of myself in the characters in the book (both good and bad), which is why I loved it so much.

In Suzy, I saw my bored teenage self. When I was 13, I had someone who I was perfectly happy with, but when someone better came along I jumped ship. Thank goodness I now have more sense 15 years later!

In Harry, I saw my mischevious side, the prankster who took pleasure in teasing my loved ones.

In Milie, I saw the supportive best friend who loved and was there throughout all the bad break-ups and new guys.

In Jade, I saw the snooty girl, who gossiped about others behind their backs (something I'm not proud of).

In Amber, I saw the slightly crazy bride-to-be, panicking over each wedding decision (although not, thankfully, dressing my bridesmaids in lime green)!

In Danny, I saw someone who didn't give up, who found someone perfect and fought to win them back.

To read more about these amazing characters, pick up Me, Suzy P now! To quote my own review: I absolutely flew through this book. I salute you, Karen Saunders, for making me laugh and giving me a true taste of teenage woe.

Me, Suzy P is still 99p on Kindle until the end of March!

Be sure to check out Daphne's blog, or follow her on Twitter @wingedreviews.
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