Saturday, 2 March 2013

BLAST OFF - With Jonny Duddle and The King of Space!

It's time to tether those Moogs and crank up your intergalactic dung-blasters for today citizens of planet earth we are celebrating the triumphant publication of the newest picture book masterpiece written and illustrated by Jonny Duddle 

ISBN 9781848772267    |  hardback |  £10.99
36pp    |  287 x 247mm

Our hero Rex may look like a standard average 6 year old, living on his parents' moog farm and going to mini galactic citizen school, but he is convinced he is going to be
King of Space

With the help of unsuspecting friends, Rex creates an army of warbots with dung-blasters and begins his conquest of the known worlds. But when he goes too far, only one person can save him from the wrath of the Galactic Alliance his tough-talking mum!

This particularly spectacular adventure comes with a stunning fold out poster which will be coveted by aliens large and small, and if you pop to Waterstone's you will find a special sheet of character stickers in your hardback copy!

So, if you like...

Aliens [  ]
Alien cow type things [  ]
Spaceships [  ]
Dung-blasters [  ]
AND BIG robots (or you know someone who does) [  ]

 'The King of Space' is is all good book shops NOW!

Read more about the creation of The King of Space on Jonny's fabulous blog - HERE

You can see more wonderful work by Jonny on the 
Arena Illustration website  and blog 

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