Thursday, 24 November 2011


December is on our doorstep; the Dorking Christmas lights are now switched on and I finally found where I’d stashed my mittens over the summer. We’ve been working hard this year to produce a bumper list of Christmassy books, and here are my five festive favourites...

First up is Follow the Star: a lavish pop-up book with a foil silver star on every spread, and a sparkly red cover that will look fab under any Christmas tree.

Next is Black Dog, by the incomparable Levi Pinfold, last year’s winner of the Booktrust Early Years Best Emerging Illustrator award. When the Hope family wake up one morning to find a big scary dog outside, they are understandably a little alarmed... but it’s no good hiding from your fears, and only the littlest member of the family has the courage to go out and face the overgrown visitor.

As you can probably tell, we do like a shiny cover here at Templar, and we’re especially proud of our sumptuous retelling of Aesop’s The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. With its glorious golden cover, this classic will really stick out on the bookshelf, and features stunning mousy artwork by Templar favourite Helen Ward.

Poor old Santa’s got an awful lot on his plate at this time of year, so the elves have put together a Santa’s Christmas Handbook to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Get to know Rudolf & co., study the Skyway Code (always keep left when overtaking Jumbo Jets) and for goodness’ sake watch out for skylights...

And my final favourite is the wonderful Bumper Book of Bob. It’s packed with stuff to do for all you Bob fans out there: puzzles, colouring-ins, masses of stickers, some super-stellar recipes and a new mini-lunar adventure! Perfect to keep you occupied on those long, boring space-trips to visit the relatives at Christmas!



  1. Nice effective use of blur!

  2. Yes, BlackBerries are HIGHLY effective at the art of blurring!