Thursday, 17 November 2011

Behind the Scenes at Illusionology Filming

On Monday, there was an opportunity for the Illusionology team to escape from the office to take a road trip. The shiny sparkly lights of Hove, not Hollywood, was the destination.

The scripts had been prepared, props accounted for and a moustache grown!

Lights, camera... action!

Consultant and master magician, The Deceptionist, readies himself in front of a magical green screen and the camera starts to roll...

Illusionology tricks were performed and secrets were revealed to the camera. With some added magical effects, The Deceptionist materializes on a old theatre stage.

He starts to guide you through classic tricks from magic's illustrious history. Amazement is followed by enthusiasm and precious knowledge is gained.

Watch out for these special Illusionology films, but remember... IN SECRECY LIES WONDER.

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