Monday, 7 March 2011

Simon Bartram's South of Newcastle Tour

Day 5: Lewes Old Grammar Junior School

Friday morning - the last day of the tour and I think Simon was feeling a little weary by now as we had an early start in order to get to Lewes by Sue Giles who organised our visit to Lewes Old Grammar Junior School had invited Simon to their school a few years ago, so she knew what to expect - and laid on cakes and mugs of tea. Wonderful.

Tiny little reception age children filed into the hall - whilst a few parents joined in at the back. Quite nice for Simon to have a gentle beginning to the day especially as the next session was with the very grown-up older juniors. They were hilarious with lots of backchat and when Simon said he couldn't see any aliens, one shouted out "You should've gone to Specsavers!" and we all fell about.

A quick pub lunch - we were in Lewes, home to Harveys beer after all - and back into school for the last session with a lovely group of 7 and 8 year olds, who of course, loved all Simon's dodgy jokes. More tea and cakes and Anna from Bags of Books set up shop. Interestingly, she sold quite a few Watch Out For Sprouts! and one boy said he could recite The Dog Ate my Homework off by heart as it was his favourite. A photographer from the local paper rushed in, took a few pics and rushed off again.

Back to Bags of Books shop in the town for a final reading of Bob's Best Ever Friend to children and parents. So pleased to see this terrific shop still doing great business - and obvious fans of Templar books as they were everywhere - including our new fiction in the teen section.

And there ended Simon's tour 'south of Newcastle' - it was a pleasure to see yet again the response to his books and the huge warmth children, parents and booksellers feel towards him. Thanks Simon - we had fun, met lots of lovely people - and now its back to that shed, to bring us another wonderful picture book. We can't wait!

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