Monday, 21 March 2011

Emma Dodd at Bookfeast Schools Festival 2011

It was an inspired move to stage the Bookfeast Schools Festival in museums and galleries in and around Oxford as yesterday, Emma Dodd presented her A Roman Rescue book to an eager and excited group of school children - who not only got to meet a real live author but then went on a treasure hunt around the fabulous museums. My school days were never like this.

We were in the gallery in the Pitt Rivers Museum - a smallish, darkish wonderland of amazing artefacts collected over the years by those Victorians who went off with a knapsack (apparently its not the done thing to ask about the shrunken heads) and gathered stuff. All around us were cabinets of curiosities, huge totem poles, canoes hanging from the ceiling...

I did feel very proud of myself in getting Emma to the Museum dead on 9am as requested - driving from Guildford to Oxford in foggy conditions wasn't wonderful but we did it.

Her first event was at 9.45am and year 3 from Manor Primary School arrived in their smart blue blazers. After listening to Emma explain how she did her graphic novel, they set about creating their own storylines using Little Red Riding Hood meeting the wolf dressed as grandma. Again, their creativity was wonderful - and as a special treat for them all, Emma drew lots of pictures of their pets, ending up with a drawing of her own dog, Bart.

After a quick whizz around The Ashmoleum Museum, we were back for our second session - same as above - but this time with a slightly older year group from St Ebbe's Primary School - who once again, wowed us with their creative writing and drawing.

A lovely day with lots of good feedback from teachers and Blackwell's who were very impressed with A Roman Rescue and definitely looking forward to the Egyptians.

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