Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Emma Dodd and Thomas Docherty at the Discover Children's Story Centre

It feels like we haven't seen Jayne for ages! She was out and about last week with Simon Bartram and Emma Dodd and on Sunday (6th March) she spent the day with Emma again as well as picture book creator Thomas Docherty at the Discover Centre in Stratford. She has been keeping in touch with her blogs, however, and here is what happened over the weekend.

The Big Write is a festival of children's literature run by the Discover Children's Story Centre in Stratford, east London, during March. On Sunday, two Templar authors and illustrators, Emma Dodd and Thomas Docherty told stories, drew wonderful pictures and charmed the children and their parents.

Thomas had a storytelling event and picture drawing workshop and even the tiniest tot joined in. His wife, Helen and two children Lucia and Bethan came along too and joined in with the others. Thomas put a huge piece of card on the floor and asked all the children to help him draw a magical playground - and they did! Wonderful imaginative work by all. I do hope this picture goes up on the wall alongside all the others.

Emma's audience once again enthusiastically joined in with all the animal noises for her Miaow Said the Cow reading and their drawings too were lovely.

Thanks to all at Discover for making us so welcome and to all those who came along for joining in and making it such a fun time.

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