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A Small Free Kiss In The Dark Blog Tour - 25th Apr to 7th May

Here at Templar we're huge fans of the talent down under and this month we're taking renowned Australian author, Glenda Millard, on an unmissable tour of some the UK's best loved teen fiction blogs. Glenda will be bringing along her award-winning book, A Small Free Kiss In The Dark, released in the UK on 1st May, for some exclusive extracts, interviews and guest posts as well as some fantastic giveaways and revealing reviews from our blog hosts.

A Small Free Kiss In The Dark
Glenda Millard

Skip's an outsider. He's never fitted in. So he takes to the streets. Life there may be hard, but it's better than the one he's left behind, especially when he teams up with old homeless man Billy. Then come the bombs which bring little Max and Tia, the sad dancer with a tiny baby, into Skip and Billy's world. Scavenging for food, living on love and imagination - how long can Skip's fragile new family hold out as war grips the city?

If you loved Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now and Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, you will be left breathless by this stunning novel. Canberra Times

A beautiful story... this book is delightful and stands as a testimony to the power of family, friendship and love. Viewpoint

Tell me more about this tour! Where should I go? What will I see? Well, Glenda will be taking in an epic 13 stops starting on 25th April and running to the 7th May. For more details, here's the line up:

Mon 25th April

First up on Easter Monday is My Favourite Books and if you're an aspiring writer this is definitely the stop to take in as there will be a guest post from Glenda all about the writing process of A Small Free Kiss In The Dark. Our blog host, Liz, will also be posting her review.

Tues 26th April

Day 2 and we're stopping off at The Slowest Bookworm where you'll be able to read the tour's first exclusive extract and enter a giveaway to win a copy of the book.

Wed 27th April

Next up, Glenda will be calling in at The Reader Room to deliver her next guest post. Our lovely blog host Alice will also be posting her review and hosting another giveaway.

Thur 28th April

A stop at Fluttering Butterflies is next on the agenda for Glenda's first Q&A session. Blogger Michelle has lined up some great questions so don't miss the answers!

Fri 29th April

On the day of the Royal Wedding we're heading over to Library Mice where you can delve a little further into the world of Australian teen and kid lit as Glenda will be talking about her top 5 Aussie novels.

Sat 30th April

If you're recovering from a great Wedding party the day before, it might be time to sit down and relax with Asamum Booktopia. Here you'll be able to read a guest post from Glenda about her thoughts on libraries - a pretty hot topic at the moment.

Sun 1st May

On publication day make sure you head over to Planet Print for the second exclusive extract on the tour, plus a review and giveaway from Liz.

Mon 2nd May

Glenda will be giving her second interview over at Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Book Reviews and if you've missed the giveaways so far, you'll find one here too!

Tues 3rd May

Teenage Fiction For All Ages will be hosting another great exclusive extract and giveaway combo so if you haven't signed up yet, we're definitely doing something wrong...

Wed 4th May

Day 10 and Glenda will be dropping off another exciting guest post over at So Many Books, So Little Time and blogger Sophie will be giving us her views on the book in her review.

Thur 5th May

Literary Enchantment TBC!

Fri 6th May

The penultimate stop will be at Book Babblers with Glenda's last guest post and giveaway so don't miss out on this one!

Sat 7th May

Last stop and Glenda will be at The Book Bug for an unmissable interview with blogger Chloe who will also give the last review so make sure you read what she's got to say.

Phew! I'm exhausted just writing all that but it's definitely got my juices going! Glenda is going to need some serious hand massages after all that typing but it's all for a great cause and we're really looking forward to having you all on the tour to share the excitement and discovery of a real gem of a book.

Glenda Millard is an award-winning Australian author. She began thinking about the main character for A Small Free Kiss In The Dark after noticing a newspaper headline about urban tribes, and she wondered what life would be like for a young homeless boy, living with people thrown together in circumstances beyond their control. While the backdrop for this story is war, her intention was to capture the indomitable nature of hope.

Glenda lives in the Goldfields region of Central Victoria. Her book The Naming of Tishkin Silk was an Honour Book in the 2004 CBC Book of the Year Awards. Layla Queen of Hearts was a winner in the 2007 Queensland Premier's Literary Awards and her picture book, Kaito's Cloth, was also shortlisted in the 2007 Queensland Premier's Literary Award.

A Small Free Kiss In The Dark won the prestigious Queensland Premier's Literary Award for Best Young Adult book, 2009.

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