Monday, 30 March 2015

Levi Pinfold's Greenling coming September 2015 - sneak preview

From award-winning illustrator Levi Pinfold comes a stunning modern fable about nature's power. We've a special preview of this magical tale, which will be published this September, featuring some of the spectacular illustrations that bring this ensorcelling tale vividly to life:

When Mr Barleycorn picks a green baby that had been growing, he could scarcely imagine the consequences he would set in motion, with courgettes sprouting in the kitchen and carrots out of the television.

 Mrs Barleycorn insists the baby must go, but the bounty and beauty of nature has a strange power to bring the whole community together.
Painting with watercolour and gouache, Levi Pinfold creates evocative imagery from imagination and memory, and Greenling will be no exception. Pre-order your copy today.

Get Levi's Best Emerging Illustrator-winning debut Django or the Kate Greenaway medal-winning Black Dog, both available now. Alternatively, unfold his wonderful contribution to the Pictura line and colour in the black and white illustrations in his meticulous Medieval Town.

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