Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Around the World in A Week with Big Picture Press - Norway

We continue our World Tour by visiting Norway, with our guide James Tavendale.


Norway is a long thin country- so long in fact that if you turned Norway on its axis it would reach all the way from Oslo to Rome!

Norway’s extensive coastline is pockmarked by majestic fjords, carved out of stone by the retreating ice cap thousands of years ago. It was from these fjords the Vikings launched their attacks on Europe a millennia ago.

Despite its rugged and barren appearance Norway is one of the richest countries in the world- thanks to an abundance of oil- and it’s population is generally content and well-looked-after. Tourism is popular, especially ski holidays and trips to see the Northern Lights. You can even visit Norway’s indigenous population- the Lapps or Sami as they call themselves- in the far North and even further north is the Norwegian island of Svalbard- the Kingdom of the Polar Bear!
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