Thursday, 19 July 2012

Whisper: from the Year 8 Pupils Perspective

We've just received these fabulous reviews for Whisper from Preston Manor School, London:

Charlotte - Year 8

What I liked about the book Whisper was that I saw a new point of view of life. I still can't imagine a world without sound, but I feel that the book has shown me a glimpse of what it could be like. I also liked how when I was reading the book I got sucked into it, like I was Demi. I cringed when she cringed, and panicked when she panicked, this effect would only be ruined when someone would come up and talk to me. Another reason as to why I liked Whisper is that the ending was so beautiful.

I would recommend this book to people who like to learn about other people's views and feelings about the world, because after reading Whisper I truly have felt that I have learnt something about how deaf people feel when being treated in that way.

Chrissie Keighery is an awesome writer and her book Whisper is in my top three for best books ever!!! I would rate it 10/10 and get as many people as I can to read it and think that too.

Kamara - age 13

Whisper is a great book. The story puts a fantastic picture into my head on how it is like to be deaf. This book made me feel so many different emotions - smile, cry, laugh. I love the ending when she finds a boyfriend after she has been through so much trouble being deaf. She finds someone who is not deaf but his friend Luke is. If I had a chance I wouldn't change this book in any way.

Aneeka - age 13

Whisper was a fantastic book. The author really put this amazing story line into my head and allowed me to imagine how it happened and how Demi might have felt. It touched my heart and I felt sympathy for Demi having to deal with being deaf and also being a normal teenager. This book examines how she struggled but handled the situation and discovered who she really is. Before I read this book I thought that deaf people where disabled and useless, but after reading it I realised that deaf people should be treated normally. I also realized that we should be glad of what we have. It was very emotional but exciting and I couldn't put the book down. At the end of the book I was glad that she is happy and settled with her life even though she misses so many things that she used to take for granted before her deafness; she still managed to overlook that issue and be happy with life itself.

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