Tuesday, 3 July 2012

From a Work Experience P.O.V.

Last week the Templar offices were full to bursting; we had four enthusiastic work experience bodies in the building. We loved having them, and (thankfully) it seems that they enjoyed their time with us! Here is what they had to say:

My week here has ended and it is a sad occasion. I loved my time here and being able to learn how everything worked. My interest in this company was spiked when Amanda Wood came by my school and spoke of how Templar worked; I was mesmerized. My week here has certainly fulfilled expectation. I was scared at first since everyone kept telling me all I would do all day was sit around making coffee and tea for everyone, but when I arrived everything changed I sat through a meeting about the books that were almost completed, I researched people for books and I filled in AIs. My worst job was sending rejection letters to the people, I felt so bad! Although I guess it comes with the job. Liza and Katie were lovely and helped me along until I almost understood exactly how the company works, but I will need to stay longer to totally get involved. I have enjoyed the boring (like photocopying, I will never photocopy another document in my life!!!)  to the exciting jobs that were given to me, the relaxed atmosphere and the absolutely lovely people that worked here who were happy to help at every turn (when the photo copier kept jamming and Jon had to help, oh dear). I know that work experience students can a lot of times be a pain, but I’m glad you bore with me. Thanks for a fabulous week and allowing me to explore options which may even help me with my future job.  
Charlie Phillips 

Before arriving at Templar, I assumed my week-long work experience would simply entail tea making, filing and tidying. Despite have done my fair share of all of the above; the past five days have been extremely valuable and I have come away, proud to have been a part of Templar for a week.
    My week’s work has been broad and diverse.  Editing, design and sales are just a few aspects of the company and it was very interesting to see all the layers of a company working together to produce a single finished product. I have been in contact with hundreds of beautiful books and found it hard to stay focused when surrounded by so many wonderful titles. Before coming here I was unsure about my future but after spending a week at Templar, I have definitely been swayed towards publishing.
    I would like to say thank you to everyone at Templar for allowing me to be so involved and making me feel welcome.
Paul Gillett

What a week at Templar Publishing! This experience has excelled any expectations I had of working in an editing department. Other opportunities will have a hard act to follow. The best thing about my week at Templar Publishing has been the learning. Through the tasks they have given me I have learnt so much about working in an editing department and/or publishing house.
    When I walked in on Monday, I never expected to be sending rejection letters in my first morning but the great thing about that was that Templar Publishing didn’t just want you to do the ‘photocopying’ they wanted you to have a proper opportunity. Some of the manuscripts were really obvious in deciding if they needed a rejection letter, others were harder. It also gave me a chance to put my University skills into practice, which helped me not only in my career in a publishing house but hopefully my writing career too.
    Tuesday was full of yet more surprises when I was given a proofreading editorial test to do. This was fun but challenging especially learning the symbols. The edit looked much neater to when I edit peers work though so that will be something to think about next time I have to edit some work. I also worked on completing some AI masters which was interesting as it allowed me to really work on what sell’s a book. It took a few changes but I think I finally got there.
     Wednesday was a real challenge for me. I thought I’d failed in my hunt to research potential books that could be illustrated. I was relieved on Thursday when told it was supposed to be a challenge and that at least one of my suggestions could be considered. I think this will be an on-going project for the editing team. Good Luck!
     Thursday was a day of researching sales figures using a programme called Nielsen book scan. This was a good experience and it allowed me to use my wonderful administration skills, I knew they would come in useful eventually. I also finished reading a manuscript which had taken a few days which had originally been read as just a few chapters and now had been asked for in it’s full length. This was an enjoyable experience, the author was very entertaining but it also allowed me to see that even manuscripts considered for taking further can have typo’s-I did note these down, I hope they were helpful.
    Friday was a real learning experience; I was given a proofreading test. The biggest thing I learnt was to slow down and really pay attention to the details. Another skill I can transfer to my studies and own work. I was pleased to know that some of the items are house style errors which had I known could have noted earlier. It was good to then mark these errors in Quark. Quark was an interesting programme and although I only used basic functions I am sure it could do a lot more.
    This week has been filled with many tasks and these are just a few. I am going to take a lot away with me from this experience and want to Thank Templar Publishing for their time and patience this week. I’ve had lots of questions answered. Everyone has been friendly, approachable and helpful. 

Thank you to all our work experience students for all your hard work last week, and hopefully we shall bump into you in the future!

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