Friday, 2 December 2011

How The World Works Wins the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2011

Well it certainly feels great to be the WINNER!

It was such a proud moment for the Templar team last night to step up and accept the top prize from The Royal Society at their very smart awards ceremony for their Young People's Book Prize 2011 for How the World Works.

Very nice things were said to us (and about us) by the adult judges and we watched a hilarious video made by the younger judges from schools all over the UK. Lying in a pile of autumn leaves in a park, alongside a motorway, one young judge said, holding up our book, "You can read it anywhere!"

One thing that came over most strongly was that the interactivity of the book made it stand out head and shoulders from the rest of the field. The scientists (there were lots of them there) and the judges all praised the fact that the pops weren't just for decoration, they actually contributed to the understanding of the content.

Christiane made a lovely speech and both she and Beverley were congratulated by the other shortlisted authors and illustrators - with Nick Sharratt being especially complimentary about the book.

We then rounded off the evening with a bite to eat, before heading off home - weary but so glowing from the praise.

Good on Templar!

The winning team (left to right): illustrator Beverley Young, author Christiane Dorion and paper engineer Andy Mansfield proudly hold their award!

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