Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Don't Call Me Ishmael Blog Tour 2nd - 9th January 2012

It's finally here! The first of our 2012 teen fiction titles will shortly be hitting the shelves and we want to welcome the hilarious Don't Call Me Ishmael by Michael Gerard Bauer to UK bookshops with a fantastic blog tour.

Don't Call Me Ishmael
Michael Gerard Bauer

Hounded by the school bully and struck dumb in the presence of girls, the year doesn't get off to a good start for Ishmael when he is asked to take misfit James Scobie under his wing. However, life takes some unexpected turns as Ishmael and his friends embark on the most embarrassingly awful... and the best year of their lives.

Sure to appeal to fans of Mr Gum and Wimpy Kid, this is a hilarious and uplifting new series all about school life and friendship.

So, what can we tempt you with on Templar's first blog tour of the new year? Here's what's on the line up.

2nd January

First up, we're hitting the fantastic I Want To Read That where Michael will be dropping off a guest post all about where the idea for Don't Call Me Ishmael came from and where he gets his inspirations. Plus don't miss the first giveaway of the tour!

3rd January

Nayu's Reading Corner will be delving a little deeper into the character and mindset of Ishmael with another fab guest post from the author.

4th January

Michael will be participating in his first interview of the tour over at Bookbabblers so head here for some exclusive insights and another chance to win a copy of Don't Call Me Ishmael in a giveaway.

5th January

There's another gripping guest post over at Read In Between The Lines on day 4 where Michael will be divulging all his writing secrets.

6th January

Mel's Random Reviews has posed the topic of "new year/new school" so stop by for an interesting guest post from the author, plus a giveaway of Don't Call Me Ishmael.

7th January

It's time for another interview with the author and Michael will be stopping by Wear The Old Coat to answer some more probing questions. Find out what it's like in a day in the life of Michael Gerard Bauer.

8th January

Michael's last guest post will be over at Writing From The Tub where he'll be writing all about the music that accompanies the book. Find out Ishmael's theme song!

9th January

And for the final stop we have another interview and giveaway combo at Mostly Reading YA. Don't miss your final chance to win a copy of Don't Call Me Ishmael on the blog tour!


Michael Gerard Bauer was born in Brisbane, Australia, and attended the University of Queensland. After graduating he became a teacher in English and Economics and from 2000 onwards he took regular breaks to pursue his writing career. His first novel, The Running Man, was published in 2004 and Don't Call Me Ishmael was first published in Australia in 2006. Templar are very excited to bring this fantastic read to UK bookshelves in 2012!

Michael now lives with his wife and two children in the beautiful Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove where he grew up.

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  1. Hi to all the good folk at Templar and everyone in the UK from Down Under. I'm packing my virtual winter woolies as we speak and really looking forward to the tour! Cheers Michael.