Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Simon Bartram at the Science Museum

This event at the Science Museum in London really made Simon Bartram's day - as he got to wear a REAL spacesuit! It was taken out of one of the Museum's display cabinets for Simon to put on after he had done his work (draw an alien, sign books and chat to very excited parents and children who were very pleased to meet him). The NASA suit from the Apollo XVII mission was worn by an astronaut by the name of Cernan - and it was this suit, along with proper Moon Boots that Simon got to wear. Luckily it fitted. After a few star jumps Simon calmed down long enough for us to take some photo's. What a brilliant event - and a real treat for Simon and all of us there. This is definitely one for the scrap book.

Thanks to Rachel and the team from the Science Museum bookshop who made this happen.

P.S. We also went up to the Launch Pad to see the winning drawing from the alien competition held by the Science Museum as Simon was one of the judges. It looks brilliant full size - congratulations to Aishling for a winning design.

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