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Forgive My Fins UK Blog Tour 27th June - 8th July

On 1st July 2011, Templar is publishing US blockbuster Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs. I'm going to use my British tendency for understatement and say we are quite thrilled to be doing so... And now I'm going to tell the truth and say we are absolutely over the moonfish to be bringing such a successful author and her adorable mermaid heroine to our shores. See what I did there!

Tera Lynn Childs

When a mermaid has her first kiss, she 'bonds' for life with the person she kisses. For Lily, a mermaid princess living in secret on land, this means she has ended up accidentally bonded to her obnoxious neighbour, instead of to the boy of her dreams. So begins a tidal wave of relationship drama, as Lily discovers that happily-ever-after never sails as smoothly as you plan it to.

Forgive My Fins had me hooked from page one, and I can’t wait to immerse myself in its sequel! I simply adored this book! Alyson Noel, author of The Immortals Series

This lighter-than-air read will charm teens and tween girls who prefer their supernatural romances to be more Meg Cabot than Stephenie Meyer. ALA Booklist

Tera will be visiting a massive 12 blogs on her tour, starting on 27th June and coming to an end on 8th July and if you miss even one of these stops you'll be seriously disrespecting your love of YA fiction. So, here's the line up:

27th June

With a kick of our fins we're starting the tour off at I Want To Read That where Tera will be dropping off her first guest post and the lovely Sammee will be posting her review - and believe me, this girl knows her YA!

28th June

If that wets your appetite, swim over to The Slowest Bookworm where you can read an exceprt from the first pages of the book and check out how The Slowest Bookworm has rated Forgive My Fins in her review. If you've already decided this book is for you, you can also enter the first giveaway of the tour.

29th June

On day three, Tera will be talking about how writing has worked its way into her life over on Nayu's Reading Corner and there will be a third review from Nayu if you wreckon you still need convincing.

30th June

If you're into your music as much as you're into your books then Book Angel Booktopia is the stop for you. Tera will be discussing her musical moments, the music that has influenced her and Forgive My Fins. The Book Angel will also be hosting the second giveaway on the tour so make shore you enter!

1st July

It's publication day and Tera will be coming ashore at Books For Company for her first Q&A so head here for some juicy insights and another chance to get your hands on a copy of the book.

2nd July

Tera will be dropping off another fintastic guest post at the halfway stop over at Cheezyfeet Books where you can also read another review and - yes, we're spoiling you rotten - enter another giveaway.

3rd July

It's the end of the first week of the tour and Tera will be at Mostly Reading YA with her 5th guest post. It's the perfect plaice to be if you've got those Sunday evening blues...

4th July

Whilst Tera is shellebrating Independence Day, she'll also be at Girls Without A Bookshelf to discuss how she imagined and created a mer world - how do you translate mattresses, cars and fridges?

5th July

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Book Reviews are running a Summer Reading month during July and today they will be featuring a crabulous guest post from Tera. Keep your eye on this blog during July if you want to improve your summer bookshelf.

6th July

Time for Tera's last guest post of the tour at My Keeper Shelf but don't get your flippers in a twist because it's going to be a good one! Tera will be talking about her books for keeps - the ones that take pride of place on her bookshelf and are read time and time again. You can also read the My Keeper Shelf review and enter a giveaway.

7th July

We've reached the penultimate stop and it's with Templar's good friend The Reader Room. Here you'll find a krilliant Q&A with Tera plus Alice's review and yet another giveaway. If you haven't entered one of these by now, there's something wrong with you!

8th July

Time for the tour's grand finale and we will be at Book Passion For Life where there will be the last review and giveaway combo so it's your last chance to make up your mind that you want to read this book. And believe me, you really want to read this book.


So, at last Tera will be able to give her typing fingers a rest - perhaps a nice soak in some salt water? Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest news about Forgive My Fins and all our fantastic YA titles.

Tera Lynn Childs is an award-winning author of teenage fiction. She spends her time blogging and writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages. Forgive My Fins is her first book with Templar and the sequel, Fins are Forever, will be published in 2012.

P.S. If you groaned your way through this post due to all the bad nautical puns I'm very sorry!

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