Friday, 24 June 2011

AND THE WINNER IS......Grahame Baker-Smith!

We are absolutely and completely thrilled to announce that Templar Picture book author and illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith is the worthy WINNER of the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2011.

The lavish ceremony held at BAFTA in central London kicked off at mid day and was hosted by the super eloquent news reader Jennie Bond.
With awe inspiring videos by children reading on behalf of the RNIB and introductions to the books by esteemed members of the YLG. We were all sat on tenterhooks eagerly awaiting the winner announcement and Grahame was utterly thrilled to be announced as winner and called to the stage to receive his prize.

Grahame made a rousing and inspiring speech! as did the winner of the Carnegie Medal the ever so dashing Patrick Ness.

After mingling with lots of love librarians and movers and shakers we headed off to Fortum and Mason for celebratory tea with Grahame and his family.

What a smashing day!


  1. Congratulations! to the winning team at Templar.

  2. Many congratulations to Grahame and Templar!

  3. I am completely and absolutely thrilled too to be part of the amazing Templar team, like Leon FArTHER only looks like it does because it's been done with you guys. You are unique and wonderful and we have helped each other achieve something amazing.
    Just one request, please remove that photo of me with Jennie Bond, I look as though I have no teeth!!
    Lots of love.