Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dinosaur Week - Top ten dino-books and competition!

Twenty two years since the first Jurassic Park film, the third sequel opens in cinemas this week. Entitled Jurassic World, it has rekindled our love of dinosaurs and so we've decided to make this week dinosaur week here at Templar!

To celebrate, we've got our top ten dinosaur books you need to read, plus two competitions for you to enter to win a dino-book bundle.

  1. Gigantosaurus  Jonny Duddle's fantastic story of Bonehead, the 'dinosaur who cries Gigantosaurus' is a must-have for all young dino-fans, for its awesome artwork and cast of characters.
  2. Pictura Puzzle: A Walk With The Dinosaurs  The dinosaurs are all there, but only in black and white lines - it's up to you to colour them in! With puzzles and bits to fill in yourself, this will provide hours of fun as you create your own dinosaurs and more...
  3. Fact Finders: Dinosaurs  Did you know the Brontosaurus never existed - the wrong neck and body were put together! Do you know why dinosaurs grew to such huge sizes or why they became extinct? If not, this Fact Finders book is the one for you - all the answers are there along with some great illustrations.
  4. Insiders: Children's Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs  With over a thousand illustrations, plus maps and diagrams detailing everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs, this book is your comprehensive guide to all things dinosaur-related!
  5. Build the T-Rex  Bring dinosaurs to life with this amazing book and model set. Read about the mighty tyrannosaurus and other dinosaurs of its era, then pretend you're a palaeontologist by putting the model together.
  6. Pop Up Facts: Dinosaurs Find out about dinosaur record breakers, with information about the tallest and the smallest, the heaviest and the brainiest in this feast of dinosaur facts featuring astounding pop-ups!
  7. Dinosaurology  Enter the Lost World of dinosaurs as discovered by the intrepid explorers of the 1900s. Follow in the footsteps of Percy Fawcett and explore his journals and sketches of living, breathing dinosaurs.
  8. Sounds of the Wild: Dinosaurs  Step back in time with the Dinosaurs to experience the sights and sounds of these amazing creatures. Each pop-up scene is accompanied by an information page so readers can find out about the different species in each picture.
  9. Adam Stower's Dinosaurs (Pictura)  This scene of dinosaurs playing and making mischief is begging to be coloured in! Why not create a purple T-rex, a pink Stegosaurus and an orange Diplodocus?
  10. George and the Dinosaur  George likes digging. He finds some gems, a sword, a pirate's leg and, to top off the hoard, a dinosaur egg! When he cleans his treasure he finds that the gems are just stones, dirt and dust. The sword is a spoon all covered in rust. The leg is a root, cracked and dried, but the egg is an egg, with something inside...
Enter our second dinosaur giveaway using the widget below, and get on Twitter to tell us what you love about dinosaurs!

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  1. My favourite dinosaur is a Triceratops!

  2. It has to be a hadrodsaur; I'd love to be able to honk from the top of my head!!