Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our reviews of the year!

We have been digging into the 2014 archives to come up with some of our favourite reviews. Enjoy!

 The Wall Street Journal ­ review of Animalium:

"Animalium (Big Picture, 112 pages, $35) is large, stunningly beautiful and filled with pictures of surpassing elegance and detail: in this case, of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, mammals- all the profusion of the natural world displayed in a portable museum curated by Katie Scott and Jenny

Philip Womack for the Literary Review journal ­on Snow

"Finally a picture book for little ones that suits Christmas perfectly: Sam Usher's Snow (Templar 40pp £11.99) is a sweetly charming account of a little boy's day in the snow. Usher's illustrations are lively and evocative, making a gorgeously detailed volume that captures perfectly a child's growing excitement. The blank snow is a canvas ready to be painted on: another kind of magic, simple and true."

Sarah Brew from Parents in Touch, reviewing The Wonder: 

"You only have to look at the cover of this book to know it's going to be something special. The boy's head is always full of wonder and the world around him is transformed by his imagination. But not everyone appreciates daydreamersŠThe gentle sepia of the pictures at the start of the story (with the odd flash of brightness) are suddenly transformed into vivid colour as the boy realises that it's through his art lesson that he can bring the wonder out of his head for the whole world to enjoy. The wonderfully surreal illustrations show there are no limits to the imagination ­ and the opportunities to share it with others. It's clever and stunningly illustrated."

Sarah Yewman ­ Picture books blogger reviewing Fill Me In: 

"Now this is our kinda book here at Picture Book Blog HQ. Big Picture Press seem to have a knack of producing highly illustrated, creative books such as Mamoko, Walk This World and Accessorize, but this offering from Moose Allain is a different kind of book.

It’s a creative journal which will allow you to lose hours of your life engrossed in doodling, colouring and general bookish therapeuticness. (Yep, we know it’s not a word but it sums it beautifully, don’t you think?)"

Read more here

Emma O'Donovan for Baby London reviewing Snow:

"Set to be a modern classic this book perfectly encapsulates the silent crisp magical moment in which the first snowfall settles. A beautiful observation of a boy's special relationship with his grandfather."

Rob Alderson for, reviewing Wall

"There were poignant scenes in Berlin yesterday when the city marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the wide-ranging ramifications it had for the city, the country and indeed the world. Unsurprisingly such an historic milestone inspired various creative projects, from the terrific 8,000 balloon installation which ran the length of the old wall to Airbnb’s animation about reunification and remembering."

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Helen Mulley at Teach Nursery magazine reviewing Bear Hug 

"Katharine McEwen's gorgeous, collage style artwork perfectly conveys the changing of the seasons in a forest where a young bear is preparing to face winter alone for the first time. Remembering the skills taught to him by his parents, he starts to gather leaves and bracken to make a cosy bed, and dives into the river to stock up on fat, tasty fish to sustain him through the long, harsh months ahead. It's hard, necessary work ­ but when a young, female bear arrives, a partnership is formed and the circle of life is kept turning. Ideal for sharing at quiet times of the day, with soothing, lyrical prose and a reassuring message of continuity, this is an uplifting and potentially inspiring read."

Andy Stanton on World of Moose Fill me in

"Hooray for Moose Allain and his endless quest to make the world a sillier, more creative place! If everybody was like Moose then – well, I don’t know, that’s a weird thought. Anyway, I really like his book."

Daily Mail review of Snow

Nothing is as tempting as freshly fallen snow ­ it just begs you to take that first squeaky, scrunchy step. So, when a small boy wakes up a blanket of white, he almost explodes with frustration at the time his Grandad takes getting ready to go out. By the time they reach the park, they find an extraordinary selection of creatures have beaten them to itŠUsher captures perfectly the foot hopping impatience of young children and the sheer joy to be had outdoors. His brilliantly imaginative story is so gorgeously illustrated (main picture) you'll find yourself praying for a blizzard. An absolute must for Christmas, whatever the weather.

The Big Blue Thing on the Hill by Yuval Zommer - reviewed by BuzzFeed

"What on earth is this strange thing on the hill? None of the animals can quite figure it out, but they want it to vamoose ASAP."

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Rashida Jones on New York by Josh Cochran

"Josh Cochran is my favorite kind of artist: one that manages to evoke humor and beauty at the same time. I love his book Inside Out NY for all the reasons I love the city itself.  It has wit and whimsy and it is deliciously crammed with detail and color."

Bookworm Baby Blog on Emma Dodd’s The Entertainer

"Ding dong! Ding dong! The children's entertainer is here to save the party! (we can only hope!). Children and adults alike will adore Emma Dodd’s latest book, The Entertainer. Emma has had over 40 books published and her latest will not disappoint; its a fun and very entertaining picture book!"

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The Illustrated Forest blog for Wall

"With the building of the Berlin Wall a family is torn in two, and we follow one young boy as he attempts to reunite with his father on the other side.  Set against a backdrop of uncertainty and danger, will he be able to succeed where so many before him have failed?"

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Ian McMillan on World of Moose Fill me in

"To enter the world of Moose Allain is draw back the curtain on a playground where pictures and words live together in joy and possibility. There's room for you in the playground, too. In fact there's room for us all"

I hope you enjoyed the roundup of our favourite reviews from 2014. From everyone at Templar Publishing we wish you a prosperous 2015 and a very happy new year!

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