Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Adventures in Paddington with Simon Bartram

Once upon a sunshiny day in London Paddington.
Near a very beautiful canal... 

A primary school was celebrating the opening of their brand new library! They invited fantastic Templar author Simon Bartram in to talk about his books, what it's like to be an author, and even sign a few copies of his new book:

Up For The Cup! 

The nursery children had made a huge effort and arrived in the most amazing fancy-dress costumes: Buzz Lightyear was there along with some swashbuckling pirates, princesses and even an Iron Man! 

To kick the event off, Simon introduced us to his well-loved character Bob the spaceman. Bob looks after the moon, keeps it clean and tidy and if you haven’t met him yet we suggest you take some time out in the sunshine this week and get to know him! 

We had a great time looking for aliens in all the pictures – how many can you see here? 
Getting to know Bob is great fun. A failed fish finger factory worker, footballer and then hairdresser, he finally found his home as the man on the moon. 

There were plenty of stories and joyful shouting from the crowd as we read along with Simon who finished the event by drawing an alien (you should always start with the head).
Happy nursery teachers with their very own alien!

Find out more about Simon and his wonderful books at his website: www.simonbartram.com 

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