Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Aaron Blecha – Ten Monsters In The Bed

Ten Monsters in The Bed, illustrated by the super Aaron Blecha, is a humorous play on 10 Green Bottles/10 in a Bed, where 10 monsters are squished together on a bunk bed.

On each spread, a monster gets pushed out and tumbles to the floor. Readers can press the characters to hear the fun sounds they make; plenty of snoring, burping, sniffing and farting!

Aaron invited us to have a sneaky peek at a few early stages of the Ten Monsters in The Bed book design, check these out!

Character Development:

Colour Test:


 Cool huh?! Tonnes of work went in to this bright, cheerful & delightfully detailed book!

As well as illustrating children’s books, Aaron is also an artist and character designer for TV development. He has worked for Disney, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros, but likes to tell people that he specialises in ‘monsters, burps, farts and zombies’.

Born in Wisconsin, America, Aaron claims to have been raised by giant squid. Perhaps this is where he gets his inspiration for his fantastic Harry Hammer books, a series featuring a hammerhead shark, pilot fish, jellyfish and a black tip reef shark.

After graduating from university with a degree in Fine Arts, Aaron ended up in California, where he worked as an animator and character designer in the animation and toy industries. He moved to the UK in 2007 and now lives with his family by the sea, so he can look out for all of those sharks!

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