Friday, 6 December 2013

Molecule Mayhem WINS 2013 ALCS Award for Educational Writing!

Exciting stuff for Templar Towers! 

Molecule Mayhem!, a fabulously written & illustrated educational book exploring atoms, elements and other aspects of chemistry, has won the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society Award for Educational Writing! 

Judges seemed super-impressed with the book, describing it as: “A fun and engaging book, which introduces and explains often complex chemical concepts in an inventive and interactive manner, bringing them out of the lab and into everyday life.  The flaps and pop ups are well used and each spread presents a multitude of facts clearly and concisely, and with a fun “do try this at home” experiment on every page”.

Written by Tom Adams & illustrated by Thomas Flintham and part of our award-winning Super Science Collection, Molecule Mayhem! looks at how chemistry shapes the whole world, using clear, humorous text, exciting illustrations & a plethora of interactive novelties to explain key elements on everything from atoms, elements and molecules to fireworks, stomach acid and nanotubes. With instructions for seven experiments to try at home, future scientists, doctors & biologists will completely adore this! 

Many congratulations Tom Adams, Thomas Flintham and our own paper-engineering-and-design-supremo Andy Mansfield!

You can shop Molecule Mayhem and Feel The Force from Templar Publishing HERE!

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