Friday, 25 October 2013

The Paper Watch Project

Templar Publishing is proud to announce that The Paper Watch Project is now live! Find out more about the project and how it came about through the eyes of our intern, Sarah Yewman, who created the blog and the auction pages.
Our lovely logo courtesy of Emma Yarlett
by Emma Block
What is 'The Paper Watch Project'?
The Paper Watch Project is Templar's creative charity initiative. A one-off opportunity to bide on a unique piece of art (in this case a paper watch) created by illustrators all over the globe, in aid of charity. We have over 80 beautifully designed watches up for auction over the next 10 days, by some of the country's best loved illustrators. So get over there and take a look.

Benji Davies - beautifully packaged
Why Breast Cancer Care?
After shocking news that 2 inspirational members of the Templar team were diagnosed with breast cancer, the company set about raising funds for Breast Cancer Care.

Who's involved?
James Brown
Hoping for possibly 10 volunteers, we ended with almost 90 illustrators willing to give their time to our initiative. You can see the illustrious list here. The project is one of many fundraising ideas and is the brain child of the lovely Emma O'Donovan, aka my boss/The Book Sniffer. Before I started work here, I loved the concept of this project, so creating the site and auction pages was a real treat!
Leilah's sock alien

How do I bid?
Pop along to our Auction page.
Choose your favourite (good luck with that one!) then simply click on the link underneath the image to place your bid. Simples!

NB each watch has a minimum bid of £15 and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Breast Cancer Care.

I can't tell you how much fun I've had and how honoured I feel to have played my part in this fabulous project. Please go and place a bid. These watches are a one-off opportunity to bid on a unique piece of art and all in the name of charity.

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