Friday, 22 February 2013

We're very excited to announce a new imprint launching September 2013!

Big Picture Press is a new imprint to offer books that are visually intelligent, surprising and fun for readers of all ages, created by and made for the incurably curious. 

Big Picture Press is a new list of highly­‐illustrated books that is launching in September 2013.

Developed by our creative team and led by publisher Rachel Williams, Big Picture Press showcases work from internationally‐celebrated contributors including McSweeney’s and Keith Haring.

Inspired by the proverb “Many tongues, one eye,” the list has visual intelligence at its heart – speaking to readers around the world.

Our Managing Director Mike McGrath said: "We’re delighted to be launching a list that speaks so strongly of Templar's love for high quality, well‐designed and thoughtfully conceived books. Created as an antidote to digital publishing, these books are testament to the power of reading and the importance of the physical book in this ever‐evolving market.”

Bonnier Publishing CEO Richard Johnson said: "Following the announcement of Templar’s acquisition of Piccadilly Press Ltd, we are delighted once again to show our commitment to growing the company with the launch of this fantastic new list."

Created by a stellar list of artists, each title is design-­‐led, drawing on scientific research about visual acuity and its role in reading comprehension.

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  1. Looks brilliant - go Templar! Is it in WATerstones yet?