Thursday, 24 January 2013

Editorial intern Tara reflects on her first two weeks

I'm rounding the bend of two weeks interning with Templar Publishing. So far I've built an entire zoo, remapped the world and scribbled a few lines for someone hidden in Santa's sleigh. As you can imagine, it's been great fun.

In constructing the zoo, I learned a lot about the design, production and editorial steps involved in creating a pop-out book, in remapping the world I got involved in Americanis(z)ing some text and the lines I scribbled became back cover copy. So, not only fun but educational.

What else did I get up to? Let's see, I did the usual scanning and other admin tasks, got to attend meetings, learned how to use Quark, conducted research and topped-and-tailed a fiction title. But my favourite parts were working on the company's catalogue (getting familiar with all the coming-soon titles), getting to read a manuscript going through its final proofread (including the notes and comments of the proofreader) and visiting the book room (where I was invited to borrow what books I will).

I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks with the team!

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