Monday, 20 August 2012

Our new office!

We have been in our new home a week and it already feels as if we have been here forever!

Our shiny new office is looking fantastic: most boxes have found a home, no one's Mac went missing in transmission and by 9:30am last Monday morning we were all connected and ready to go (we have our fantastic IT Manager to thank for that!).

We celebrated our new home in true Templar fashion with lots of food and champagne, and it was all prepared in our lovely new kitchen - complete with microwave grill and bar stools!
We feel very lucky to be here and are looking forward to all the exciting opportunities it will bring...including lots of summer barbeques!


  1. Fine looking office! Looks like everyone had a great time with the champagne. A new office will definitely boost everybody’s enthusiasm for work. :D

  2. Blake Mitchell's comment is right. A new workplace can boost your employees' enthusiasm. A fresh scenery contributes to that too. And an office with a kitchen? Brilliant! Your employees will never miss their breakfast ever again.

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