Wednesday, 23 May 2012

We do love to be beside the seaside ...

What a great weekend for the Templar team to be at the Brighton Festival!  Based at the Jubilee Library - which is the city's state of the art venue - conveniently alongside the tent offering free G&T's - we kicked off on Saturday morning with the gracious Jamila Gavin.  She read from Tales from India to an audience of young children and adults (hello Anne!) and kept everyone entranced with her magical storytelling.

Jamila then went off to be interviewed by a young Guardian reviewer Orli -for a Guardian  podcast which will be posted up shortly.

Sam Lloyd and actor Ben Martin casually arrived about 10 mins before curtain up - no, I wasn't worried as I had one of the puppets, so could have done a one-woman-one-puppet show if need be.  The backdrop looked terrific and Sam, ever the creative, had made a fabric tree and found a grass mat, which we accessorised the area with.   Looked lovely.

Silliness and laughs followed as they children were treated to their favourite characters romping around whilst Sam tried to keep some order and read the stories.

A well earned glass of wine followed in the lovely evening sunshine whilst doing a bit of people watching.

Sunday morning, up bright and early again and off down the A23 - accompanied by thousands of mini's on their annual London to Brighton rally.  Hilarious.  Emma Dodd and Kelly Gerrard, ever the professionals, had got the room all set up and the 20 or so young graphic novelists set to, designing and drawing their own spread.  Emma as ever, drew her version of the task in hand - when Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf in Granma's cottage.

We then headed off for Brunch at Bill's - an institution on a Sunday morning in Brighton and delicious it was.

Paul Collicutt rounded off the afternoon with his very detailed and instructive look at graphic novel ideas with older children and despite it being a Sunday afternoon - they all worked really hard to show their skills.  Several had brought in their sketch books which Paul looked through for them.

A great weekend and thanks to Hilary and team for making it all run so smoothly.

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