Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Last week saw Illusionology, the latest book in the Ology series, hit the bookstores. To celebrate this, we enlisted The Deceptionist – master magician and consultant on the book – to ‘wow’ some children in London.

Starting at Waterstones, O2 centre, Finchley Road we were greeted by the friendly staff who were all prepared for the event. Copies of Illusionology surrounded the area ready for the performance, the stage was set and the audience were seated. The Deceptionist donned his steampunk-style bowler hat and he was ready to go!

The audience watched in awe as The Deceptionist performed trick after trick. Coins dropped from one hand to the other and then levitated back again. He pulled coins out of an empty purse. He turned a stack of blank paper into real five pound notes. He borrowed a twenty pound note from a lady in the audience, then proceeded to fold it until it was the size of a stamp. When he unfolded it, it had turned into a twenty euro note! More folding, it changed to a fifty dollar note!!! How – I hear you wondering? Has the lady lost her twenty pound note? Phew! The last folds brought the twenty pounds back again!

The finale trick was a classic... The Cups and Balls. Three little miniature footballs were placed under the cups. They then started to appear and disappear from under the cups. The Deceptionist then took it one stage further – the audience may have thought there was a little football under the cup but instead The Deceptionist revealed a full size baseball! And not just one! Every time he uncovered a cup a baseball would appear. With exhaustion, he took off his hat and threw it on the table. After mopping his brow, he revealed his show stopper! Under the bowler hat was a massive red die!!!

Following a quick signing session, more tricks and huge thanks to the Waterstones team, it was time to head east!

At Foyles in the new Westfield shopping centre, near the new Olympic complex, Illusionology was found in the window next to fellow Templar books. Inside it was displayed with other books on magic. You could definitely learn a trick or two in this store today!

The Deceptionist started to work his magic throughout the store. At first the unsuspecting kids and families were unsure what to expect but within seconds, smiles appeared followed by “How did you do that?” and, “Could you make my brother disappear?”

Customers to the store got their own little magic show and some went and got their friends to see more. When The Deceptionist pulled a long strand of paper out of his mouth, you had no idea it would then reach all the way to the front door!

Perfect for a bookshop, The Deceptionist would ask someone to choose a randomly selected book off the shelves, turn to a random page and then a random word. Using his magical abilities, he was able to tell the volunteer the precise word they had chosen, leaving them astonished. How could he have known?

The perplexed customers were left with Illusionology to try and find some possible answers! Thank you to the team at Foyles for their enthusiasm and support.

* All children’s faces have been obscured for online safety

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