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Day of Vengeance Blog Tour 5th September - 12th September

I don't know about you, but history lessons at school were always the time for me to catch up on sleep and as a result my history knowledge is holey at best. So, when the Jack Christie Adventures landed on my desk I was horrified to think I was going to have to show up my utter lack of knowledge in trying to remember what happened when, why and how as Jack and his friend Angus went on their adventures through time. I opened the first book, Day of the Assassins, and after an amazing adrenalin-fueled adventure was spat out of the last page with a very odd sensation. I knew how the First World War began! And I hadn't even noticed learning it! Not only that but I had met the assassins of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (yes, I know his name now too!) and had stood there as the assassin, Gavrilo Princip, prepared to fire, wondering if I would have stopped him (I still don't know the answer to that). If only my history lessons had been this thrilling!

Well, I'm very excited to announce that Johnny O'Brien's third time travelling adventure, Day of Vengeance, will be hitting a bookshelf near you in September and to celebrate, Johnny will be touring some of the best young adult fiction blogs in the UK.

Johnny O'Brien

Schoolboy time-traveller Jack Christie is thrown back to 1940s France with the Second World War at a crucial point. The Battle of Britain and the German Vengeance programme are underway, as Jack and his best friend Angus take a more senior role in VIGIL's bid to prevent an intervention in history that could go nuclear. With Spitfire dogfights, jeep races and thrilling chases, the boys have met their most hair-raising adventure yet, including involvement in an assassintation attempt on Hitler.

"Johnny O’Brien has created the ultimate thinking-boy’s hero in Jack Christie. Smart, intuitive and determined to tackle history head-on..." Rachel Williams, Editor

"Jack Christie is a very relatable hero - a regular schoolboy caught in, and coping with, circumstances beyond his control rather than a slick James Bond type of hero who always has all the answers." Teenreads

So basically, get ready for some serious adventure! You may also notice the fabulous new look cover for Day of Vengeance and Johnny will be toting not only his third book but the new look Day of the Assassins and Day of Deliverance too, so watch out for some exclusive giveaways on the tour.

Here's what's coming up on the tour:

5th Sep

On the first day of the tour Johnny will be dropping off his first guest post at Bookhi where you can find out where the characters of Jack and Angus came from, which character from the series was most fun to write and which character presented the most challenges. Bookhi will also be posting a review and hosting a giveaway so don't miss it!

6th Sep

Empire of Books will be the next stop and here Johnny will be talking about where his inspiration for the time travel series came from and also looking at why time travel is such a powerful genre for the modern audience.

7th Sep

Over to Books 4 Teens for the third day of the tour with Johnny's first Q&A. Not to be missed if you want to find out where Jack Christie's 4th adventure will take him..

8th Sep

If you're curious about the writing process then you should definitely stop by Teenage Fiction For All Ages as Johnny will be explaining how he turns his stories from ideas into a published book, including the importance of sheep!

9th Sep

The Bookzone will be hosting the next stop where Johnny will be talking about how writing about history can engage younger readers and in particular those reluctant boys.

10th Sep

High time for an extract from Day of Vengeance to get your juices going and there will be an exclusive excerpt at Bookbabblers who will also be hosting a giveaway.

11th Sep

It's the penultimate stop over at Bookster Reviews where you can find out which particular period in history is Johnny's favourite - or at least which three periods are his favourite...

12th Sep

Last up is Booktastic Reviews who will be putting Johnny to the test with an interview where you can find out the inspiration behind the Taurus time machine and what Johnny's favourite takeaway is! Booktastic Reviews will also be posting a review so if by some miracle you are still undecided at this point make sure you have a read!

For more information on the Jack Christie Adventures, check out our website here or take a look at the Jack Christie Adventures Facebook page here.

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