Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Christiane Dorion at Edinburgh International Book Festival - 18th and 19th August

August is turning out to be a very busy month for the team here at Templar Towers!
Several authors have been invited up to Edinburgh for this year’s International Book Festival, and this time it was the turn of picture book author and winner of the 2011 Royal Society Young People's Book Prize, Christiane Dorion.
For Christiane’s first event on Tuesday 18th she was invited to be part of a panel discussion called Great Big Science Books. Christiane was joined by Mary Hoffman, Ros Asquith and Gill Arbuthnott to discuss her wonderful How it Works series, and how as authors they manage to make some of the most complex and fascinating science topics more accessible to children.

The event was packed with children and adults alike, all keen to know more about science and these authors’ beautiful and informative non-fiction books! After a discussion amongst the authors there was a wonderful opportunity for the children to ask Christiane some questions both about her books, and her role as an author. Some lucky children also got to meet Christiane and get their very own copy of her book signed!
Christiane’s second - and sold-out! - event was a more interactive event called Wonders of the Earth. Focussing on How Animals Live and How the World Began we learnt all about how animals fight for survival, how human civilisations have developed over the years, and what ‘The Big Bang’ really means.
Everyone, children and adults alike were enthralled and totally engrossed in Christiane’s talk. She had a wonderful question and answer session afterwards with some particularly inquisitive budding scientists. They were thrilled to have the opportunity afterwards to meet her and get their books signed, and also to ask any burning questions that we hadn’t quite had time for!

I for one learnt an awful lot! Did you know that many years ago sea snails were used as a means to dye clothes?  Edinburgh, we’ll see you next time!!

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