Monday, 12 November 2012

Question time! New Sales Intern - Sarah Goodey

How long have you been at Templar?

A whole week come tomorrow and it's flying by! I feel I've done so much already, learning about all of Templar's beautiful books and how a publisher really works. Still not sure of most people's names but I'll get there in a couple of weeks...maybe!

What does your job involve?

At the moment while I'm finding my feet I've been sitting in on meetings, trying to learn the publishing lingo (ozalids anyone?!), organising the sales reps packs which means I can have a sneaky glimpse at all the exciting books that are coming up next year and hopefully helping Laura.

CinderelephantWhat is the most satisfying element of your job?

Just being able to work with children's books. They're so bright and exciting and I want to be able to sneak off to the store room and read them all.

Have you had any funny awkward moments?

Luckily not in the office... I did however manage to fall on my bum on the way down to the station the other night when I had already been warned how slippery the hill was!

What did you want to be when you were a child?

When I was a child I wanted to be everything: vet, teacher, scientist, air stewardess and even work in a clothes shop (which is the only one I have achieved so far!). The one that has stuck with me throughout is the desire to work with books - so I'm ecstatic to be at Templar!

What is your most memorable moment or biggest achievement at Templar to date?

Being told I'd got the internship! So exciting!

How do you take your tea?

Changes all the time - currently milk and half a teaspoon of sugar and even better with a biscuit!

Fave book related blogs / twitter accounts/websites?

Well, obviously this blog! Apart from that, my friend Claire's blog ReadHead89 as its always funny with interesting facts but also offers relevant up to date info on what is happening in the book world.

What are your favourite books (both Templar and non Templar)?

My favourite Templar book at the moment would have to be Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer - non-stop action set in Italy (my favourite place in the world!) and with a strong heroine you can actually believe in. Non Templar would be a tight contest between Harry Potter and The Kite Runner.


Which Monster Mate are you?
Naughty Nancy - its more fun to be naughty!

Bookshop or library?

Bookshop... although maybe I should change to library as it would stop me from spending so much on my own mini library.

Physical or digital?

Physical books all the way. There's nothing like holding a real book in your hand.

Mac or PC?

PC at the moment as still trying to get the hang of my Mac!

Coffee or tea?


Biscuit or cake?

Both please!

Heatwave or snowstorm?

Snowstorm as you can build snowmen and its festive. Also you can always wear more layers!

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