Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sunny Times at Cheltenham

Festival goers enjoying  the autumn sun

Well, they say the sun always shines on the righteous - not sure how righteous we all are, but certainly lucky with a bright, sunny weekend at Cheltenham for the Times Literary Festival.
Spread over two squares and in every theatre and town hall, the festival attracts thousands of visitors and this year was no exception.  Everyone who was anyone was there - including of course, the lovely Templar team!

First off on Sunday morning - a 10 am start, but queues all down the road to get into Dave Lowe's My Hamster is a Genius event.  Over 60 tickets sold beforehand, but with at least that number again turning up on the morning, it was packed and Dave really enjoyed the banter from the children (and their parents).   The quiz once again generated lots of laughs and furrowed brows and the winning child got to take home their very own Stinky toy.

All the event stock was sold with lots of parents asking when the next one was out - and teachers commenting on what a great series it was for their 7-9 year old pupils.

Young fans

After a quick coffee, it was time for Simon Bartram's event - and once, again, families queued around the block with a rush for the front seats.  Though one family who came with their  children clutching the two largest balloons ever weren't that popular - until, of course, the balloons ended up floating up to the very high ceiling.

The audience were treated to a whistle-stop tour of the 10 years of Bob and it ended with Simon reading aloud The Moontree - with an ending that satisfied everyone.

Making sure Simon spells her name correctly!
It was a bit daunting for Simon sitting alongside Jacqueline Wilson in the signing area (she had been there all the time he was doing his event) but the Bob fans were as enthusiastic and delighted to chat to Simon.

 The Waterstone's staff were thrilled when Simon  drew them a special alien for their display wall of fame!

Finally we ended the day with a raucous pirate event led by Jonny Duddle.  Most of the children and some of the adults came dressed in pirate costumes and they all loved seeing his images and hearing him read the Pirates Next Door.  Jonny was also very proud of his new hat with a lovely feather.

Group aaaargh
Even mummy pirates came along

A happy and fun filled day and thanks to all at Cheltenham who made it so!

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